Dean M Thomson is a former lecturer in ‘Anglo-American Society and Culture’ with Shandong Agricultural University (SDAU) in Tai’an, Shandong China. Now resident in Scotland again, he continues to do seasonal online seminar classes with SDAU. He has also taught ‘English for Academic Purposes’ (EAP) and modules in critical thinking in Wuhan and Xian Ning, Hubei, China.

He is currently a columnist for Think Scotland, which is a not-for-profit forum, think-tank and debating platform. It publishes various authors, exploring a cross-section of topical, political and cultural writing affecting contemporary Scotland.

His regular topics focus on Scottish and Glaswegian politics, identity, nationalism, socio-economic inequalities and political corruption. He has written a series of articles investigating allegations against the Scottish National Party (SNP) concerning an allegedly missing ring fenced independence referendum fund. Allegations which Police Scotland are also now investigating the governing SNP concerning.

His columns for Think Scotland can all be found here.

He was a contributing author to ‘The SNP Record: good or bad? A review of the impacts and outcomes of SNP Government policies’, which was published in April 2021. The report was a four month and 69 page effort by the contributors, which drew primarily on official Scottish Government data to provide a comprehensive review its record in office. Its digital version is available here.

In his spare time (when not teaching or writing articles) he is working on a fiction novel which seeks to explore the social and political underpinnings of silence and denial in our everyday lives. He is also writing a non-fiction book exploring neoconservatism, and how it wrecked Syria - an examination of US ideological foreign policy mistakes.

Dean left China in 2019, and returned to live in his home city of Glasgow, Scotland. But he retains his love of the Chinese people and culture via his Chinese style home décor and cooking recipes.

You can find him on twitter via @DeanMThomson

Episodes of his podcasts, discussion show and quickfire series can all be found on his YouTube channel